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Professional Services


Annual Hours Saved

Through Process Engineering & Automation

Key Skills

  • Agile Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Process Engineering
  • Systems Design
  • Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Information Systems
  • Employee Training
  • Change Management
  • Content Writing
  • Problem Solving
  • Meeting Facilitation

 Why Me?

  • Connected: Access my network of experts in  security, design, development, marketing, digital compliance, etc.
  • Current: Up to speed on industry best practices, technology & leading tools.
  • Owner’s Mindset: I take projects of interest and manage them like my own.

Professional Certifications

  • SAFe 6 Agilist
    Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • Scrum Master (CSM)
    Scrum Alliance
  • Bachelors of Business Technology (BBTM)
    Wilfrid Laurier University

Small Business Projects